14:00 - 14:30
Global Maker Response to Covid-19

Short thesis

A great moment of decentralized making from an international perspective is discussed by with perspectives from Brazil and Amsterdam.

We will learn about the Brazilian experience of responding to the pandemic that connects agents from the public, private sectors, civil society; from large and small players, including makers and citizens dispersed in a collaboration network marked by agility and based on open protocols for the production of medical supplies.


The effort that Jorge Lopes dos Santos has been leading includes a team of researchers at the University in Rio de Janeiro that tests and adapts projects made by them, as well as designers and makers from outside the university, with reference hospitals in Rio de Janeiro. This process ensures technical quality and adequacy to important standards, and by sharing these files, groups from different parts of the country have managed to produce and supply health centers in their regions. Jorge is also connecting players of the industry that guarantee scale to what makers test.

After an introductory speech by Jorge, we will enter into a conversation with Paulien Melis from Waag Society, bringing in the European perspective.