One platform. Four channels. Four Deep Dives. One TV studio. Welcome to!

For the first time in its history, re:publica Berlin will take place in the digital exil.
On Mai 7, 2020 from 11:30 AM to 11 PM, we will focus on urgently needed social discourses—on this platform, on YouTube and Facebook. Tune in and take part!


On channel ASAP 1 we open #rpRemote and discuss how we deal with Covid-19, the climate crisis and hate crime. Look forward to current debates, interviews and contributions live from the studio with Heiko Maas, Kübra Gümüşay, Rezo, Svenja Schulze, Vint Cerf and many more. In the evening we release you into the night with "vollehalle" and sing Bohemian Rhapsody together!


ASAP 2 is all about the design of solutions—from 3D printing of masks to the relationship between freedom and security. We will talk with pioneers and innovators. The wealth of experience of Raúl Aguayo-Krauthausen, Katharin Tai, Clusterduck, Kathrin Passig, Leonhard Dobusch and many others inspires and gives us courage.


Work, work, re:work: In times of Corona we see a paradigm shift in the working world. Whether freelancers, industry or medium-sized businesses—how have institutions rapidly digitized themselves? How have companies changed their production and turned the crisis into an opportunity? Which experiences will remain after the Corona crisis for a new digital working environment? And how does home office actually work?

Media Convention Berlin

Streaming Wars and disinformation, local journalism and impact distribution, media innovations and a pinch of TINCON: On the channel of MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin we will discuss the trends and topics of the industry and ask about the latest developments in network and digital politics. TINCON will be present with two contributions about the work of very young media makers.