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All four re-publica.tv channels ASAP 1, ASAP 2, MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin and re:work will be streamed live and are available for free on May 7 from 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM on www.re-publica.tv. The ASAP 1 channel will furthermore be streamed live on Facebook.

Deep Dives—our digital discussion rooms

republica deep dive

Each of our four channels has an accompanying interactive discussion room—a Deep Dive. Here you can meet many of our speakers for Q&As after their sessions.

You can log in via zoom (without registration) and have the possibility to ask questions to our speakers.

You can also watch the Deep Dive livestream on YouTube and submit questions to speakers via Mentimeter. They will be answered in real-time, too.

How to join the discussion and ask questions:

  • If you don't want to create a Zoom account, please follow the link of the respective Deep Dive channel. You can then refuse to install the app and continue with "click here". Afterwards you only have to enter your name and e-mail address, agree to the privacy policy of Zoom and participate. Email address and name will not be saved. The settings in our Zoom admin area allow participation without registration. The registration without app is not possible via mobile phone (smartphone).
  • If you already have a zoom account and are logged in, you will not be asked for your access data when you enter the Deep Dives.
  • Download the Zoom app and enter a/your name and email address to start the Q&A session. By entering the Deep Dives you agree to be visible there with your previously entered name
  • You can download the Zoom Desktop app here: https://zoom.us/support/download 
  • Zoom for iOS in the App Store
  • Zoom for Android at Google Play
  • You can leave the Deep Dives at any time. Just click on the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Please note: The number of participants in Q&A sessions via Zoom are limited to 500 people. If a Q&A session is fully occupied, you can follow the livestream on YouTube.

Q&A-Session in Zoom—how to ask questions:

  • If you would like to ask a question, please click on the "Raise Hand" icon, which will appear as a blue icon next to your name. This "Raise Hand" icon can be found in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Our moderator will give you permission to speak and unmute you, so that you can ask your question verbally. Once you have asked a question, we will deactivate the "raise your hand" icon again. If you have another question, please use the icon again.
  • You also have the possibility to ask your question by writing in the chat. Please enter your question in the chat window at the bottom of the screen. Our moderator will then pass it on to the discussion group. 
  • Please note: As a spectator you enter the Deep Dives without picture and sound. Only after your hand signal, you can be given a permission to speak by our moderators. The camera image will not be used.



Mentimeter is a voting tool and offers a variety of interactive ways to participate in discussions. We use Mentimeter as a participation tool to involve participants in the Q&A sessions. 
Mentimeter will be supervised and moderated live by us, in order to forward all questions to our speakers and have them answered in real time. 

We also use Mentimeter for surveys among all participants and for collecting ideas and feedback. The questions and voting results will be published on our social media channels in the course of the day.

The re:publica courtyard in digital exile

republica Video Chat

The re:publica courtyard (or “Hof” in German) is the meeting point and heart of our community. To make sure that you don't have to miss it this year, we will bring it to the digital sphere! Throughout the whole day we will set up the courtyard as a central digital place and interaction space where participants can meet and exchange ideas.

For the digital courtyard we will use the Zoom meeting function. It is possible to join in with a pseudonym via an open link—without registration and without downloading the app. The courtyard will not be recorded and is only intended for community exchange, in addition to the existing channels.

In the courtyard you will also meet some of our re:publica mentors. They will also moderate various participative activities that will take place at the courtyard throughout the day.

The complete “Hof” programme can be found here.


We will use the hashtag #rpREMOTE to discuss and moderate the ongoing re:publica talks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’re looking forward to an engaging exchange with you!

You can find more detailed information in our FAQ. We also dearly appreciate your feedback to: feedback@re-publica.tv.

Find our Code of Conduct here.

Our "gastronomic offer"—support Berlin’s shops!


As a company from Berlin we want to support  local businesses. Great coffee, a cold beer or a snack in-between—you can find it all at re:publica in digital exile, too.
Support restaurants, coffee places as well as clubs, jewelry shops and hairdressers via the voucher platform
Helfen.Berlin. The idea: pay today, enjoy after the crisis. Vouchers from 10 to 100 euros can be purchased on the platform. The money benefits the shops during the crisis, the vouchers can be redeemed once cafés and others have reopened.
THANK YOU for participating—and a virtual cheers!