General information

Where can I find the programme?

The programme will be available here from April 28, 2020. Speakers are listed here.



Do I need a Zoom account to participate in the Deep Dives and to visit the “digital courtyard”?

No, you can use the Zoom rooms without logging in via the app or browser. All you have to do is enter a/your name and email address when entering the rooms.

You can download the Zoom app here:

When will the first “re:publica in digital exile” take place?

The first “re:publica in digital exile” will take place on May 7, 2020, from 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM on

What are Deep Dives?

Each of our channels has an accompanying interactive discussion room—a so-called Deep Dive. Here you can meet our speakers for Q&As after their sessions.

What is Mentimeter?

Mentimeter is a voting and brainstorming tool and offers a variety of interactive ways to participate in discussions. We use Mentimeter as a participation tool to involve participants in the Q&A sessions. Mentimeter will be supervised and moderated live by us, in order to forward all questions to our speakers and have them answered in real-time.

What is is an online media platform newly created for the “re:publica in digital exile”. On May 7 between 11:30 AM and 11:00 PM, this platform is hosting a free, one-day online conference. During the conference, you will be able to choose between 4 different channels that will simultaneously and non-stop stream debates about the most pressing issues of today’s world.

Part of the programme will be streamed live from the re:publica-TV-Studio in Berlin, which is designed to strictly comply with corona safety guidelines. From there, our moderators will establish live connections to national and international speakers. In parallelly opened digital discussion rooms, the so-called Deep Dives, Q&As with the speakers will take place. Furthermore, we are going to have a digital version of the well-known “Hof” (“courtyard” in English) with plenty of engaging activities.

Throughout the conference you will be able to participate in many polls and discussions using publicly-available participation tools. We will use the hashtag #rpREMOTE to discuss and moderate the ongoing re:publica talks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


How can I participate in Q&A sessions, the so-called Deep Dives?

The discussion rooms for our Q&A sessions are based on Zoom’s webinar feature. Our participants have the opportunity to ask questions via chat or will be given permission to speak. Our hosts will coordinate the Deep Dive, pass on questions from the chat and give you permission to speak. You don’t have to register to take part in a Deep Dive.

If you don’t want to use Zoom there is another way to participate: You can watch the Deep Dive livestream on YouTube and submit questions to speakers via Mentimeter. They will be answered in real-time, too.

Please note: the number of participants in Q&A sessions via Zoom are limited to 500 people. If a Q&A session is fully occupied, you can follow the livestream on YouTube.


Can I view the sessions anywhere after May 7?

Of course! All channels—except for the digital re:publica courtyard—will be streamed live and will also be available on our YouTube channel afterwards.


How can I participate as an attendee?

All channels and Deep Dives will be streamed live and are available for free on May 7 from 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM on Our live stream will also be available on YouTube. The ASAP 1 channel will furthermore be streamed live on Facebook.

Via Zoom, you can participate in the Q&A sessions, the so-called Deep Dives. There will also be a “digital courtyard” (or “Hof” in German) where you can connect with the community. In addition, we will use Mentimeter as a participation tool, which will be moderated live by our team.
We will use the hashtag #rpREMOTE to discuss and moderate the ongoing re:publica talks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

How can I ask a question during a Q&A session?

If you participate in a Q&A session—a Deep Dive—via Zoom and want to ask a question, you can use the virtual hand tool. Our re:publica host will then give you permission to speak so that you can ask your question verbally.

You can also submit your question live via the Mentimeter Q&A function. Our moderator will ask the speakers on your behalf so that your question can be answered in real-time.

How can I give feedback concerning

We are looking forward to your feedback in order to further develop the digital formats together with you. What ideas do you have? Which tools do you use? How do you like Please send us everything that comes to your mind—also during and after #rpREMOTE—to: After the #rpREMOTE, we also look forward to your participation in our online survey.

Is there a participation fee or do I need to buy a ticket?

No, the “re:publica in digital exile” taking place on May 7, 2020, will be free of charge and accessible to everyone.


What is the digital courtyard and what is going to happen here?

The re:publica courtyard (or “Hof” in German) is a meeting point and the heart of our community. To make sure that you don't have to miss it this year, we will be setting up an interaction room where you can meet and exchange ideas—a digital courtyard. Here you can meet our mentors, other participants and maybe some old friends.

The digital courtyard will be part of the Zoom meeting function. It is possible to join in with a pseudonym via an open link—without registration and without downloading the app. The courtyard will not be recorded and is only intended for community exchange, in addition to the existing channels.


I have a question about the analog re:publica 2020

You can find all the information in the FAQ on


Which channels and formats exist?

The platforms, YouTube, Facebook and Zoom will offer live broadcasts as well as pre-recorded keynotes and panels. There are four channels in total: ASAP 1, ASAP 2, MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin and re:work. Each channel has an accompanying interactive discussion room—a Deep Dive. Here you can meet many of our speakers for Q&As after their sessions.

The re:publica courtyard (or “Hof” in German) is the meeting point and heart of our community. Since a re:publica Berlin event wouldn’t be complete without it, we will bring it to the digital sphere! Throughout the whole day we will set up the courtyard as a central digital place and interaction space where participants can meet and exchange ideas.

Why and how do we use Zoom on

Zoom is currently the most well-developed and stable tool on the market that has successfully been used for virtual conferences with several thousand participants, even before the corona crisis.

Via Zoom you can participate in Q&A sessions, the so-called Deep Dives, and you can network with the community in the "digital courtyard" (or “Hof” in German). You can find more information here.


What's happening between the sessions?

Between each session there is a short break of a few minutes in our program. We use this time to highlight various topics:

- Look forward to insights from international speakers of our "re:publica on Sequencer Tour" through the USA and our event in Accra, who tell in short clips how they deal with the current situation. Among others, the follwing people are involved: Ingrid LaFleur, Will Senyo, Sacramento Knoxx, Bryce Detroit, Andreas Görgen, Tiff Massey, Jessica Robinson, and many more!

- We will take a look at our side events: Clusterduck will present their #MemersForFuture-Ausstellung and give a glimpse into the Superinternet.Space/ASAP. And our friends from the Human Rights Filmfestival will show the trailer of NOVAYA which you can stream for free all day on May 7.

- The community of GIG (Global Innovation Gathering) shows us how the maker scene in Brazil is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

- And our partners Deezer and the BSR are also taking part.

Under which hashtags can I find

We will use the hashtag #rpREMOTE to discuss and moderate the ongoing re:publica talks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’re looking forward to an engaging exchange with you!


Is it possible to watch #rpREMOTE online and participate in the features without Zoom?

Yes, of course! All re:publica-TV-channels and Deep Dives of the Q&A sessions will be integrated directly on as a livestream and will be accessible for free.

The content of the individual channels will be streamed live on and YouTube, the ASAP 1 channel will also be streamed on Facebook. The Deep Dives will also be streamed live on YouTube. If you want to take part in the discussion of the Deep Dive without using Zoom, you can join the discussion via Mentimeter.

Under the hashtag #rpREMOTE the on-going re:publica sessions are also being discussed and moderated on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Are the programme sessions also being translated into English?

We offer live transcription for the channel ASAP 1. This channel will be streamed in English and German.

What other technical possibilities, tools and platforms do we use and why?

We would like to make as easy, accessible and effective as possible for both our speakers and our community. Therefore, we decided against a closed all-in-one solution and developed a modular system of tools and technical possibilities.

  • Our video teams work with vMix for the live connection to our speakers, which allows up to eight speakers to dial in and connect. 
  • For the pre-production of videos, our speakers use the Open Broadcast Software.
  • Data sharing of video files with our speakers is done via a personalized ftp link. The ftp server is hosted by STRATO.  
  • Videos are either recorded in advance or will be streamed live from our studio in Berlin. 

Both the pre-productions and the live broadcasts are realised “Corona-compliant” under strict adherence to all necessary safety, hygiene and health regulations.