About re-publica.tv

Europe's largest digital and social conference, re:publica Berlin, which has since thrived on the interdisciplinary exchange between civil society, politics, science, culture and business and has been running continuously for 13 years, is for the first time taking place digitally this year. On the newly created media platform re-publica.tv, a one-day, free online conference will focus on May 7, 2020 on the urgently needed social discourses and thus reflect upon the current global situation that is redefining social interaction as we know it.

With the re:publica in digital exile, we want to create a prototype for an online conference format: for us as organisers, for you as a community and for our numerous partners and companions of the past years.

The community is you!!

As always, we would like to actively involve you in this process and therefore look forward to your feedback, suggestions, concrete ideas and/or topic proposals. Please send us everything that comes to your mind—also during and after #rpREMOTE: feedback@re-publica.tv


On republica.tv, the relevant debates of our time will be discussed on four channels from 11:30AM to 11PM. The re:publica team broadcasts amongst other things live from the (corona-compliant) re:publica TV studio in Berlin, establishing connections to national and international speakers. Recorded as well as live keynotes and discussions are going to be broadcasted on YouTube and Facebook.


As always, your opinions are needed! Each of our channels has an accompanying interactive discussion room—a Deep Dive. Here you can meet our speakers for Q&As after their sessions. You can join, comment and participate in the discussion via zoom.
Via mentimeter you can take part in surveys on the topics of our sessions and shape the debates in real time!

Using the hashtag #rpRemote, we will discuss and moderate the ongoing re:publica sessions on Twitter and Facebook. We look forward to an engaging exchange with you!

Find more information here.